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Private Medical Clinic
In Westmount

Consult a family doctor for $219

CloudMed offers family medicine, pediatric and urgent care consultations at our clinics in Westmount and Griffintown.
Babies and young children are welcome. Patients receive free follow-up phone consultations to discuss test results.

Virtual Consultation Service

Call and speak with a care manager to schedule a virtual consultation with a CloudMed physician

  • renewal of established medications (restrictions apply)
  • prescriptions for vaccinations
  • sexual health (urine infections, vaginal infections, STIs)
  • rashes and minor infections (allergy, skin infection, eye infection, etc.)
  • mental health (depression, anxiety, burn-out, etc.)

Pediatric Services

Our family physicians see children of all ages including newborns and infants (well visits, check-ups and acute care consultations). We provide parents with a copy of all documentation including the Rourke Baby Record and WHO growth charts for their child. We encourage parents to vaccinate their children free-of-charge at their local CLSC.


Complete Annual Exams

For patients seeking comprehensive care for themselves or a loved one, we offer thorough annual exams including requisitions for required testing (mammogram, PAP tests, colonoscopy, lab testing, etc.). Our medical team provides free follow-up of all test results and we share all results with patients via our secure, online portal.