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Private Medical Clinic
In Westmount

Consult a family doctor for $219

CloudMed offers family medicine, pediatric and urgent care consultations at our clinics in Westmount and Griffintown.
Babies and young children are welcome. Patients receive free follow-up phone consultations to discuss test results.

Medical Staff

Dr. Rishi Chugh, MD
Family Physician
Location : CloudMed Westmount

Dr. Paul Budhiraja, MD
Family Physician
Location : CloudMed Westmount


Annual Examination

A general and preventative exam to check for possible disease, potential health concerns, renew medications and order testing (including cancer screening). Patients with personal or family history of disease such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes should undergo routine annual exams to monitor their health and the progression of health conditions.

Routine or Urgent Consultation

Immediate care (by appointment) for any medical issue or concern, including the management of chronic conditions, and renewal of medications. For patients with wounds or minor trauma, an additional procedure fee of $149 may be applicable. Please note, this 20 minute consultation is suitable for one major concern or two minor issues only.


Consultation (20 minutes) $219
Phone follow-up (within 30 days) FREE

Additional fees

Minor procedures (sutures, wound care) $149
Forms (Insurance, government) $59