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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a consultation?
How much is a consultation and how do I pay?
How long is my consultation?
What if I need to change or cancel my consultation?
Are there any membership or administrative fees?
Is my visit covered by RAMQ or private health insurance?
I need the doctor to complete a form, is ther any cost?
Where can I complete my blood or lab testing?
How will I receive my test results?
Do I have to book a consultation for a prescription renewal?
I don't have a family doctor, can you help me?
I want a referral for specialist consultation and/or testing.

Questions regarding COVID-19

I want a COVID-19 vaccination exemption
Do you offer COVID-19 tests?
What are the safety measures implemented?
Do I have to wear a mask?
Do I have to present my vaccination passport to enter the clinic?

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